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September 16, 2018

Marketing Solutions For Financial Services

How Big Data Is Used

In this article, see how we utilize closed-loop predictive analytics to help financial services professionals increase revenue.

A financial advisor's number one duty is to help clients reach their financial goals, but how do you find potential clients to help?  One of the most significant marketing challenges that financial advisors face is producing a steady monthly flow of new client leads.  RIAs need good, quality leads that can be converted into actual revenue-producing clients.  Without a lead generation marketing strategy, you are limited to referrals and “word of mouth”. Saker Digital utilizes the latest in marketing techniques coupled with big data to produce more refined custom audiences for a better return on your ad spend.

Traditional Marketing

Acquiring clients as a financial professional is a numbers game.  Traditionally, advisors relied on outbound marketing techniques to produce prospecting leads.  Outbound marketing is where you push your message out, and the customer finds you.  These techniques include cold calling, direct mail, seminars, and even knocking on doors.  Issues with outbound marketing include difficulty tracking results including return on investment, ever-increasing blocking techniques such as “do not call” lists, high costs with low yield, and consume large amounts of time by contacting uninterested customers. It makes sense that financial professionals are beginning to abandon these marketing tactics for a more effective and modern marketing strategy. We combine those traditional marketing methods with the power of our closed-loop predictive analytics system. Allowing you to send direct mail or email to matches from your traffic source.

Digital Marketing

The internet has changed the way the financial industry markets and delivers services.  Financial advisors no longer meet face-to-face with potential clients and control information that investors rely on to make financial decisions. Potential investors now have ever-increasing access to financial information online to help them chose financial services and a personal advisor.  Financial professionals who utilize the latest digital marketing techniques as their primary source of obtaining new clients will be more successful than their competitors that are using outdated marketing tactics. 

Today, the most effective and impactful way to generate new leads for financial professionals is inbound marketing.   Inbound marketing is where investors find financial advisors online and initiate contact.  Examples of Inbound marketing techniques include paid search advertising (ex. Google AdWords), content marketing (ex. blogging), social media advertising (ex. Facebook ads), search engine optimization, and email marketing.

Inbound marketing increases awareness about your financial services, and it also helps you cultivate lasting relationships with current and potential clients.


Saker Digital is an industry leader at providing lead generation with inbound marketing strategies.  There are many digital marketing agencies on the internet providing marketing services for financial professionals.  Saker Digital is different because we utilize the latest big data technology and machine learning to provide the most effective prospecting leads.  We are experts at providing data services such as site visitor identity resolution and in-market data by utilizing closed-loop predictive analytics and big data.

  • Site Visitor Identity Resolution – We identify the unique traffic visiting your website. This enables you to retarget through custom email and direct mail campaigns directly from our system to people who have shown interest in your financial services.  You can take the data and utilize it how you want or let us build campaigns automatically for you directly from our system. The data is portable to all major ad platforms.

  • In-Market Lead Data – Every day we analyze over 220 million Americans and more than 50 billion data points. With this information, our AI creates a character profile for each person and monitors their real-time behaviors to understand when they are most likely to buy your financial services. Not just when they are looking, but after the research is complete and they are ready to commit to invest in financial services. Such as annuities, mutual funds, and life insurance.

You can purchase the datasets from Site Visitor Identity Resolution, In-Market Lead Data results or both.   The datasets are 100% customized for you and your services.  We will not sell the datasets to anyone else.  All datasets are portable, which provides you the ability to market using any platform that you choose. 


PPC or paid search refers to paid search engine marketing that directs traffic to your website.  Paid traffic gives an immediate response to your ad spend. The goal of PPC campaigns is to drive more traffic to your site and create brand awareness.  When your financial services website shows up on the first page of a search result (either through paid campaigns or naturally), you are improving your brand’s awareness and adding credibility to your business.

We utilize multiple PPC platforms and paid traffic systems such as Google and Bing to deliver advertisements using the datasets that our systems provide. Based on the performance of the ads, we regularly optimize the campaign to maximize the results and generate more business for you.


We help you connect with your existing clients and generate new investor leads through social media. Our team will develop advertising campaigns utilizing our datasets to drive better quality, buyer traffic, to your website.  Increasing the quality of your website traffic will directly influence leads and conversions.  Our team has experience in building custom advertising campaigns for financial professionals within all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We can develop the customized ad copy and creative elements needed to run a professional ad, or we can use your marketing materials if you prefer.

Saker Digital understands that as a financial service professional, your time is precious.  Instead of keeping up with the newest marketing ideas, you would probably prefer to focus your attention on developing financial strategies and making the correct business decisions for your clients.  Whether you sell annuities, life insurance, or mutual funds we can deliver innovative solutions for lead generation and build successful marketing campaigns, no matter what your budget.  Let us generate leads and run advertising campaigns for you!

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