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Identity Resolution Marketing Solutions

Saker Digital is a multi-platform marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. We build custom marketing campaigns using closed-loop predictive analytics and big data to help grow your business. Let our AI find in-market lead datasets for your niche. We identify the traffic you already get to your website too. Putting a real world face on your traffic. This lets you control how and when you advertise to a potential client. Whether you need lead generation or are looking to grow your ecommerce solution, our team of specialists is here to help solve your problems and increase your revenue using this powerful technology!





We use the latest in predictive analytics with artificial intelligence technologies to analyze consumer behavior. We create real time campaigns optimized towards an audience more likely to convert. Our number one goal is to get the most results for our clients. The system can even identify your website traffic. After identification, you can advertise to those people as you see fit.

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We help you connect to your audience and generate customer leads through social media. Our team is experienced in building custom advertising campaigns with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We take care of any ad copy and creative materials you needed to run a professional ad. This includes images and videos as needed. Or we can use your own marketing materials if this is preferred.



By utilizing the latest search engine optimization techniques, our team can maximize the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that your site appears at the top of search engine results. We perform free monthly SEO audits with action items you can implement, or have us do it for you! Want to know what your competition is up to? Or what keywords to target? Local or National, we have you covered.
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Machine Learning

We create hyper-targeted digital marketing solutions based on real-time behavioral data. We only target customers ready and willing to buy your services or products. Our number one goal is to increase your ROI.

How We Generate Leads

We utilize a proprietary closed loop predictive analytics system that monitors over 220 million Americans and more than 50 billion data points every day. The system monitors cookies and datasets all the time to know when a person is ready to buy a service. This AI creates a character profile for each person and monitors their real time behaviors to understand what they are most likely to buy at any given moment. Not just when they are looking, but after the research is done and are ready for purchase. This represents the ~3% of the market responsible for spending. By doing this, we are able to optimize ad spend and keep your costs down while boosting your ROI. Our philosophy is to use data and artificial intelligence to make marketing more efficient and profitable. Data driven marketing for results from predictive analytics, not high pressure sales tactics.
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Our Services

Identity Resolution

We take your traffic and analyze it against our datasets. This yields matches to identities we resolve in the system. After identification, you're able to advertise to those people as you like.

Email Marketing

We can automate your email marketing. Keep your existing customers coming back through customized email campaigns and newsletters. Even send email directly from our systems.


Facebook is a critical element in staying connected with your audience. We can grow your followers, generate sales or leads, and increase interactions with customers.


With 1 billion active users, we can unlock Instagram growth opportunities and magnify your brand’s discovery and advertising. We work with IG influencers to get you exposure.


Through Google Adwords and Adsense, we develop comprehensive search engine marketing strategies that convert high-intent shoppers into customers.


Advertise B2B. We can exclusively target the decision makers who work for a specific company, have certain skillsets, or work in a particular industry.

Direct Mail

Recent research shows that 54% of customers enjoy receiving mail from brands they like. We can geographically map and deploy your ad campaigns to reach your customers.


We help your company achieve high rankings in Google & Bing. Drive more traffic to your website and your customers find you faster! We offer complimentary monthly SEO audits!!

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