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What is Identity Resolution Marketing?

September 5, 2018

Saker Digital specializes in identity resolution marketing. We leverage big data and closed-loop predictive analytics to clearly define customer data to be used in custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

Simply put, identity resolution means resolving a customer’s identity.  But what does this mean? Most consumers use multiple devices throughout the day.  A consumer may first browse your site on their work laptop, then open an email in a different browser, then click a Facebook ad on their cell phone, and then finally make a purchase on their home computer.  If you were to analyze the data from only one of these devices, it would not give you the whole picture, but if you combine them all together, then you can have an integrated representation of who this consumer is. Identity resolution is the process of compiling this complex information together into one single profile.

Why is it important?

Traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it once was.  Traditional ad campaigns are designed from cookie-based segments and result in targeting a broad customer audience   Cookies are static and will only tell you information about basic demographics, and will not give you detailed data about a consumer.  If you are unable to define a detailed customer, then it results in one-size-fits-all generic ad campaigns. If you aren’t engaging the right audience, then your campaign is too broadly targeted and you aren’t maximizing your advertising budget.

Benefits of Identity Resolution

Our identity resolution system allows you to learn more about your potential customers so that you can reach out to them more quickly and efficiently.   Saker Digital can help you improve the effectiveness of your messages and overall marketing campaigns through enhanced targeting. Here are a few additional benefits:

  • Personalize Ad Campaigns:  With our data, you are able to have a better understanding of an individual customer so that you know how to appeal to them.  You can personalize marketing campaigns based on your customer’s current interests or past purchases.
  • Customer Satisfaction: You are more easily able to target relevant ad campaigns to customers who truly want to purchase your product and services.  Customers enjoy when their favorite brands understand and interact with them.
  • Target ads for specific devices:  You can send marketing messages to a particular device.  If the data shows that a consumer uses a cell phone more often than a computer, then you can show ads directly to his phone and not send repetitive ads to his other devices.
  • Exclude customers from campaigns: We can suppress ads to customers who have recently made a purchase. We make sure that potential customers only receive the most relevant message for them at that particular time.
  • Faster Results: Our identity resolution datasets helps you speed up your marketing efforts and get faster results. We have the ability to market to customers who are interested in purchasing now, and not just people who are thinking and doing research.  

How does our technology work?

Every day, our data analytics system collects over 50 billion data points, such as IP addresses, social handles, device IDs, profile IDs, and cookies.  We integrate the compiled data into datasets to utilize in more effective targeted ads and in customized campaigns based on individual consumers. Our data is completely portable.  You can use the datasets across multiple platforms in your own marketing campaigns or have our team do it for you.

We engage the right customer at the right moment with the right message to get you results!

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