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October 12, 2018

Identity Resolution Marketing for Chiropractors

Get More Patients with Identity Resolution and In-Market Leads

According to the American Chiropractic Association, 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain within their lifetimes, and annually, 35 million Americans spend approximately $14 billion on chiropractic treatments.  This means that every day there are millions of prospective patients searching online for pain relief and looking for a chiropractor. Does your practice have a web presence?  Can these people find your practice online?  A digital marketing strategy is essential in building your reputation and brand online.

Our team of digital marketing experts at Saker Digital can develop a customized strategy to bring new patients to your chiropractic practice.  It’s important for potential patients to understand that they can trust you to provide relief from pain, restore function, and promote healing.  We can help you reach prospective patients by focusing on your holistic approach with the services and therapies you offer. We use a propritary closed-loop predictive analytics system, artificial intelligence, to analyze large datasets of information on millions of American buyers. This same system can identify your website traffic and allow you to market to your prospective clients in ways you couldn't before. We've brought the power of big data and machine learning to chiropractors around America who are looking to maximize their ad spend and return on investment. Below, we'll outline some ways our systems can help you grow your practice and better serve your patients needs.

The Transition to Digital

Traditionally, advertising methods included placing ads in the newspaper or telephone phone book or blindly sending out postcards through direct mail. These methods are expensive and reach a large audience that probably is not even looking for your services.  Or maybe most of your patients were referred to you by their general practitioner or their attorney (in personal injury cases).  Today, these potential patients perform extensive online research on referred chiropractors and are likely finding and choosing your competitors instead of you. 

Since most prospective patients search online to locate health care providers, read chiropractor profiles, and review services offered, the most effective form of advertising is through digital marketing.  Digital marketing allows you to target a specific audience with a specific message at the perfect time, through the most ideal advertising channel.   If you know your audience, then you can target your ads to people currently searching for your chiropractic services which result in less advertising money spent, new patients, and more revenue for you.

Benefits of digital marketing include:

  • Reaching a specific audience – Ads can be shown on multiple platforms such as Facebook and Google ad network. Ads send precise messages about your services to a targeted audience interested in using your chiropractic services.  Targeting only the people interested in your chiropractic services will maximize your advertising budget. Traditional marketing agencies still use only the targeting methods allowed on each ad platform. This is restrictive and keeps you chained to that particular ad platform. We use in-market lead data that we derive from large datasets that we feed into our closed-loop predictive analytics system every day.
  • Tracking – Ad analytics track the number of people clicking on the ad and visiting your website. Capture the number of resulting appointments made from the ad and this proves your ROI (Return on Investment) from the ad. Campaign optimization is a continuous process of testing and should be nurtured accordingly.
  • Patient Interaction – Increase patient interaction and awareness of your services through social media posts, email campaigns, blogging, and more. You can interact with current and prospective patients in a personal way using digital media. Reach more people quicker and more effectively using these proven methods.
  • Search Engine Rankings - SEO or search engine optimization is a marketing technique that increases your chances of organically ranking closer to the top of search results within search engines. The right SEO can generate thousands of visitors your website and rank you above your competition. However, this will never happen if you do not properly maintain your website and curate content to drive that traffic. We stay current with new trends in SEO and updates to algorithms. We offer free SEO services with your full-service monthly retainer. If you have staff technically capable of implementing the solutions, we will work with you to help you rank. Or for an additional fee, we can do it for you.

Types of Patients

Many people who experience spinal pain don’t select surgery as the first option to ease their discomfort and don’t think of chiropractors until the treatment is absolutely necessary. Chiropractors are there to help those who have severe pain and to treat patients through tough times.   Different types of chiropractic patients have different needs.  Although similar, they should be marketed to in different ways:

  • Chronic pain suffers: Many patients have been living with pain for long periods of time. Digital advertising can target patients are searching for relief without resorting to drugs or back surgery and seek chiropractic treatment in hopes of achieving a pain-free life. Our system monitors people who are actively searching these solutions out using search engines. We know at any given time, using our AI, when people are ready to make contact with a chiropractor.
  • Personal injury pain: It is fairly common for a person to seek chiropractic treatment as part of care regimen after certain types of injuries, particularly as a result of a car accident or other sudden impact injury. These potential clients look for a chiropractor with experience with courts and attorneys. They need to know that you’re familiar with this traumatic process they will have to undergo to try to become healthy again. Not only do they need your services as a care provider, but they also need to know you understand how to help them with their legal compensation claims to try to recover costs associated with an accident. If you specialize in providing care for personal injury patients, then we can build a campaign that aims for people searching for medical services after an accident. Patients in auto accidents who suffer neck and spine injuries such as whiplash, work-related injuries are quite common.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Patients: Some potential patients that are focused on preventing pain and injuries, instead of treating an existing condition.  These patients are familiar with the benefits of chiropractic care and know that regular adjustments can assist in attaining optimum health.  Marketing to this audience should include information about incorporating chiropractic therapies as part of a healthy standard of living. 

Knowing how to market to each type of potential patient can be the determining factor that decides whether potential patients in the area know of your services and select you as their chiropractor or your competition. With targeted digital marketing, you are able to send messages that demonstrate your expertise to the people who need it.  At Saker Digital, we assist the digital marketing efforts of chiropractors with social media marketing, SEO, PPC, and remarketing campaigns that include email and even traditional direct mail.

How Our Data Services Can Bring You New Patients

Saker Digital is an industry leader at providing lead generation data for chiropractic professionals.  Our system utilizes the latest big data technology and machine learning to determine people currently searching for chiropractic care and which are most likely to search for chiropractic services in the near future. With this data, you can create a targeted prescreened audience that has the highest likelihood becoming your next patients.  We offer several data services including Site Visitor Identity Resolution and In-Market Lead Data:

Site Visitor Identity Resolution – We place our unique pixel, a small bit of code, on your website that captures data and identifies each unique visitor to your webpage. We then run advertising campaigns to the matches we attain. We also can retarget through custom email and direct mail campaigns directly from our system to people who have shown interest in your chiropractic services.  You can take the data and utilize it how you want or let us build the campaigns and keep up the optimization. The data is portable to all major ad platforms. To send an email or direct mail using our system, you must get them to first visit your website. After we match them, we can advertise to them as you please.

In-Market Lead Data – Every day we analyze over 220 million Americans and more than 50 billion data points. With this information, our AI analyzes the pre-purchase behavior of past patients to find the behavior patterns that led to them purchasing chiropractic services. It then looks for new prospective patients who are on that same path to purchase. The technology monitors real-time behaviors to understand when people are most likely to buy your chiropractic services. Not just when they are looking, but after the research is complete and they are ready to commit to a chiropractor.

You can purchase the datasets from Site Visitor Identity Resolution, In-Market Lead Data results or both.   The datasets are 100% customized for you and your services.  All datasets are portable, which provides you the ability to market using any platform that you choose. We do not sell the datasets to anyone else.  They are live and specific to your geographic area.

Saker Digital can even help you if you are currently running successful digital ad campaigns. Use our data in your existing campaigns by making much better custom audiences, and by-proxy more refined lookalikes. Our data allows you to further optimize your advertising campaigns for a definitive competitive advantage.  We like working with clients who have existing campaigns as we can quickly show you the results that our data brings.  We can lower your cost per lead and overall customer acquisition cost. In fact, we’re so confident we can lower your campaign costs, simply by using our data, that we will give your money back within 30 days if we can’t get you a better return on your ad spend! Who else does that??

At Saker Digital, we are committed to helping chiropractors learn how to market their practices online more effectively. Our experienced team combines a variety of digital marketing techniques to increase traffic to your website and generate new patient leads. Past strategies we have used for our clients in the chiropractic industry include social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and direct mail marketing.

We will constantly monitor and reevaluate the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. With Saker Digital as your marketing partner, we will increase your online outreach, acquire more patients for you, and in return, you have more time to dedicate to your practice and help heal your patients heal.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation with our team of dedicated experts.

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