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August 24, 2018

More Information About Our Traffic Analysis

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We offer site visitor identity matching and in-market targeting for people wanting to purchase goods and services.


One major issue with traditional digital marketing is the fact that you get locked into whatever platform you're advertising on. Those major service providers like Google and Facebook don't care about the advertisers. They only care about the user experience. They dictate, on a whim, how you are able to advertise to their audiences. Even after you've spent money advertising to those people you may be limited to the lifespan of a cookie. This isn't good for your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). You're locked into that platform to get in front of that person again.

Enter Our Technology

We are able to do a couple of very unique and wonderful things. Using our predictive analytics system and massive amounts of purchased data, we are able to take your website traffic and actually identify the visitors. In our system, at any given moment, we have live data on over 220 million Americans. This equates to over 50 billion data points, or real-time behaviors, that we monitor every day. By the end of the year, this number will be significantly higher. At the time of this writing, we are able to identify ~2.5 emails per person and ~2.6 device IDs. In the coming months, that number will be ~6 device IDs and over 3 emails per person. This will give us the ability to better correlate spending behaviors to households, as well as the individual.

The other unique aspect to our marketing system is the ability to utilize that massive amount of data and apply machine learning to discover people who are ready to purchase goods and services. This gives us the ability to market only to those people interested in actually buying. Not just people who are thinking and doing research. We monitor that too. By being able to generate concentrated lists of people ready to buy, we are able to create much more effective look-alike audiences in the various ad platforms. The potential is huge for this refined targeting. Everyone knows ad spend is up in astronomical ways over the past 4 years. And that trend is not stopping. Its speeding up.

Not only are we able to do these two unique things. But we are able to send email directly from within our system and even remarket via direct mail. Soon we'll even have the ability to hit radio and TV. Imagine being able to advertise to a potential client from within any ad platform, at will. Being able to identify your site traffic and send them direct mail. If you have an e-commerce store you can see the potential in that for sure. Think of having a new product you're promoting being viewed by a user. Now that person can be identified as having an interest in the new product. At this point, you could display ads across multiple platforms to them and even send a piece of direct mail to there house to hold and examine.

Don't miss out on being first to the game with this technology. Utilize the advantage now to make a name for yourself. Don't waste more money on ineffective ad campaigns that are tied to the platform they originate from. Use our system and get more clients, not just more leads. This is the way big business advertises. Now, we've brought that technology to the masses. Get in touch today to see how we can get your website enabled with this powerful new technology.

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